Sunday, October 30, 2011

Structure Free or Structure Pro?

So this weekend is going to be really fun! Kevin and I are up at UOP for Halloween right now about to get our awesome costume matching going!!!

<-------- Boy Scout and a Camper lol


So, Keypad (4) makes the play button turn into the looping button!

So the next plugin we are about to start using is called Structure Free. We debated in class whether the name includes Free because it was free or if it emilinates... structure.... Who knows.

Structure Free is a type of virtual sampler with synth qualities and prerecorded sounds. When first opened, it defaults to the sine wave.

Under Patch, which is a sound selection, you can choose from a list of sounds. Every patch has its own set of smart knobs.

Smart Knobs are different for each patch setting. And each smart knob is automatable when you press all 3 modifiers and click. When you mess with the cutoff setting you can get the effect of listening to music from the other room.

Key Switches - do not produce audio, they control some sort of process that most likely has to do with a looping patch. The key switches will switch between loops of one kit or bewteen the regular and harmonic settings of the guitar.

You can add a new patch if you click the patch button and select new patch. But you have to make sure they all go to A1.

When you add a new Patch, it will turn Structure Free into a kind of Xpand plugin with multiple patches going at the same time.

There are a few knobs called the Transpose, Pitch Bend, Mono Mode, adn Key Range knobs. They are all pretty explanitory.

Key Range - You can set this knob so that certain instruments will come in at certain points on the keyboard.

Under Filter II, there is the Filter, Envelope, Amp, and Amp. Envelope. Here you can adjust the cutoff, resonance, and/or Env. but we don't have to worry about the filters.

An LFO, or a Low Pass Filter, adjusts the rate of a sound to get the oscillating effect. Anything in the modulation settings is run by an LFO. It is a control signal we cannot percieve; we can only percieve the effects the LFO produces!


I am lagging on my project. I don't know if I'm bad at film score or if I'm just still learning... Whatever it is, it needs to cut it out so I can get my creative juices flowing!!!!

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