Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sometimes, Things Happen For A Reason...


Because the Lab computers are set up to get erased each night, the way one must "slave" Reason to Protools is a little different than it would be on a normal computer.

Normally, one would start Protools first, then open Reason for Rewire-ing and when quitting, Reason must be first in the quit line, then quit Protools. Don't forget to save, not Save Copy As... Just save.

But... for our computers, Reason must be opened first and a series of steps will link Reason to the Digidesign MBox.

Reason > Preferences > Keyboards & Controls > Auto-Detect > Add > Not Selected > M-Audio > Find...

Then.... Close Reason, open Protools and get started rewire-ing. The process is fairly simple if you think about the sounds from the other software (Reason) as being bussed to Protools. Protools is "slaving" Reason. First, one must select Reason in the Inserts section.

Create a new STEREO Instrument Track, Click Inserts > Instruments > Multi-Stereo Instrument > Reason.

Then, when the Reason box opens up with Reason, select whatever channel you would like to use. Mix L-R pertains to Channel 1 and 2. The great thing is that, these Reason channels will not interfere with Protools!

One can take MIDI information from Protools and make it control instruments in Reason OR take audio from Reason and route it to Protools and record it. It is fundamentally impossible to record audio in Reason.

Okay... So the best part about Reason is the Tab to the back action. The cords all move like a real tower! It is the coolest thing ever.

One can Tab to the back to route the different instruments like Redrum and the NNXT. How one would route them to Protools is simple bussing. Create two STEREO audio tracks and make their inputs Channel 1-2 (Redrum) and the other, Channel 3-4 (NNXT). Then bus the Reason instrument track in Protools to the audio tracks! Press Record!

When Protools isn't Slaving Reason, Reason is running through the m-box.

Reason Keystokes.....

  • * (Star) on the keypad to record
  • 4 on the keypad to rewind
  • 5 to fast forward
  • Control Click to automate parameters
There are 3 different places to control effects like delay, reverb, and chorus. The source, the auxiliary fader on the mixer channel, and the auxiliary master fader. When applying these effects, make sure that the MIXER is selected with the aquamarine colored box around it so that the effect will be routed properly. 

And, for sound to be produced properly.... Preferences > Audio > Sound > Digidesign M-Box.


The last 2 weeks have been pretty rough, but.... I am really proud of my video project even though it needs a lot more work still, and I am really proud to be here with so many awesome people that I look up to and want to get to know more! 

Sometimes, things happen for a Reason like coming here after so many transfers. I wouldn't appreciate this school as much if I didn't work so hard to get here. I found my Reason and I'm really glad.

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