Friday, October 28, 2011


No class on Halloween!

This class was all about the next plugin, Vacuum. Vacuum is cool because it emulates a classic synthesizer with two Oscillators and a bunch of other cool manipulations and presents.


VTO: Vacuum to Oscillator. There are two of these, VTO ONE and VTO TWO. Each VTO has four knobs that control....
  • Range - The octave of notes to be played
    • When set to Wide, the range in Fine will automatically be across fie octaves
    • When not in Wide, the range can be up to seven semi-tones
  • Fine - Fine tuning the notes to achieve special intervals
  • Shape - Changes the shape of the waveform, includes Saw Tooth, White Noise, Triangle, and Pulse 
    • This knob is parametric so it doesn't have to be one of the options, it can be in between! 
  • Envelope - The amount of the VTO that is being sent to the Envelope
What is an Envelope? It controls the ADSR or the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. Envelopes deal with time and volume, not frequency like low and high pass filters. 

Compressors, Dynamics, Gates, sometimes EQs, Limiters, and Faders are all able to manipulate the envelope of the sound. 

Best thing ever... Screen Shot ------> Shift  3 to take a picture of the entire screen and save to the desktop, and Shift  4 to drag a selector tool across the area intended for the picture, which is also saved to the desktop!!! The computer will even make an awesome camera sound!

In the VT HPF or the Vacuum to High Pass Filter and VT LPF or Vacuum to Low Pass Filter, you can control six knobs! Filters are mostly used to remove a part of the sound.. When using one of these filters, the grayed out sections will not be completely gone, just muted. 

A High Pass Filter deals with frequency. This kind of filter, filters out everything except the high frequencies. There are different kinds of shapes that produce different kinds of filters like a shelf, bell, or peak. 

A Low Pass Filter will diminish everything except the low frequencies making the sound become more bassy. 

Something called the Proprietary Hump which produces a nice effect. It will hype the high frequency right before the cutoff. Good to know! The six knobs are....
  • Reso - which controls the resonance of the sound.
  • Slope - for every octave going down, it is 0-24 db, but the most musical is 6 db.
  • Cutoff - I like this effect, it makes it makes the sound either muted or clear so you can get a cool closed door effect if needed.
  • Sat - or Saturation of the tube.
  • Env 1 - The amount going to the Envelope
  • Key Trk - Key Track
The Ring Modulator - This was hard to swallow. It is the sum and the difference of the two oscillators added together. It takes the two pitches and mixes them... It ignores the harmonics completely. 

Last, there is the arpeggiator and the modulator and we already know what those do! Just flip the switch and let the magic happen!!!


This thing sounds awesome, must use in my project!

Happy Halloween!

I was a Boy Scout one night....

and White Trash the next --------------------------->

But really, no one got my costume because I left the beer can at home along with my fake cigarette.

They just thought I was pregnant... For real. lol

YAY :)

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