Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keep Calm and Eat a Damn Cupcake.

You heard me, enjoy the little things in life because life gets hard every now and then and that cupcake will get you through your shitty day. Wednesday was a stressful day if anyone recalls and everyone really needed that cupcake.

What are.....

DAW: Digital Audio Workstation
INTERFACE: between protools and any audio or signal being sent
ADC: Analog Digital Converter
AD/DA: Analog to Digital/Digital to Analog

Latency was a peculiar subject. I think of latency as the annoying echo that makes it impossible to record backup vocals on a track.

There are three types of microphones: Condenser Mic, Ribbon Mic, and Dynamic Mic.
All condenser mics require 48v of phantom power.

Phantom Power? Oh, its a charge that is sent from the input source to the mic to power it.

This is my amazing picture of the Digidesign Mbox.

Oooo Ahhhh

So... Panning. Stands for panoramic which was invented in 1942 by


The DI or Direct Input slot is used to plug in instruments such as bass and guitar so that they don't have to be miced... mic-ed.... microphoned... amplified hahaha instead of being directly inputed....

We also went over an XLR cable: X=model L=latch R=rubber seal

Line level refers to keyboards and hand held audio devices.


Music Technology courses are like cheerleading. No one really knows how hard this stuff is and how most colleges don't consider it a real major until recently. The cheerleaders ask me to join the CSUMB team (I cheered for 10 years) and its like crack to me. And in the last few weeks, I have realized that Music Recording is what I love the most :) CRACKKK

I can't wait to start recording my shtuffffff ! Chelsea and I are co-recording tomorrow at 11am yee yee

In conclusion, take life and this major day by day.
Keep calm and record something revolutionary...
After you eat the damn cupcake :)

Picture taken in my dorm.


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