Sunday, April 15, 2012

Out of the Box!


In order to mix out of the box, which means using the board to mix down a session, start with assigning the Audio Path Selector to Protools.

From the Gray patch panel ProTools Outputs to the Line One Inputs. This tells the board that the signal is at line level.

To make the reach to the faders closer and more convenient, use the faders 25 through 40.

Set the faders to unity gain and set the line 1 button on, the line 1 pot set to 0, and the mix button at the top of the fader strip to on.

Also, set the auxiliary master fader up and the controls all up! Press down the dim button to bring the signal down and set the monitor speakers to about 10 o'clock. Just don't forget that the dim button is on because turning it off will blow up the room!

Side Note: Keypad 4 is the key stroke to loop playback!

Also, pan the Toms hard left and right not only on the protools channel, but also on the board.

Create a stereo audio track at the bottom and always mute it. Assign the input to B9-10 and the output to B1-2.

Patch Bay 17/18  =  IN B 9-10  =  OUT B 1-2

The whole mix goes to the Remix L/R Output into Protools 17/18 and back out (B9-10) to the 2 track monitors.

The MIX button at the top of each channel strip sends the signal to the remix output (L/R).

Ready to record? Mute, Input Monitor, Record. Then the other direction on the way back!

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