Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Tendency to Talkback

So Vagina Monologues opening night is tonight. Oh man, I am starting to feel the pressure from all my classes and activities.

I'm also singing the National Anthem for the basketball games on Friday and Saturday night along with Sunday afternoon at the bowling alley tournament in Livermore. Bring it on.

My jacket says Vagina Warrior..... Awesome!


In class, we needed 1 AKG 414, a shock mount, 3 XLR cables, the headphone box, a quarter inch connection, and headphones. 

The patch cables for the board are actually called TT cables for Tiny Telephone cables. 

With the mic on the stand in the lab, we attached the XLR cable to the adapter and plugged it into the Neve 1 spot, completely bypassing the board. 

<--------------  Here, you can see the setup for the microphone to go to the Neve and a pretty awful drawing of what the Neve looks like on the strip.

It's pretty cool!

Next, the signal goes out from the Neve into ProTools (IN on the BOTTOM) in slot 1 and out to the monitors (OUT on TOP) from ProTools 1 and 2 to 2 TR 1 and 2. Next, we will send reverb through a reverb matrix to the headphones for the singer or performer. 

Create a new stereo audio track and name it Talkback and make the input Interface B 1-2. 

THEN, from the Auxiliary sends (9th row up from the bottom of the gray patch bay), take 2 TT cables and plug them from Aux sends 7 and 8 to ProTools IN 9 and 10. In ProTools, under the sends on the Talkback track, select Interface A 9-10. 

You can talk back by pressing the 7-8 button under the talkback section. 

Next, take another set of TT cables and go OUT from ProTools 9-10 to the Headphones IN 1 and 2. 

Always check to see if the signal is being read on the Sampson (the headphone signal distributor) before continuing to the next step.

Good, I'm getting signal. So, I go OUT from the Headphones and go IN to the ROOM 100 IN A and B. From here, you just have to route the tracks you want in the headphones through interface A 9-10. 

Here is a depiction of what the board looks like with all the cables plugged in and getting signal!

Next create a click track with the Marimba II sound as to not be obnoxious and send it to the headphones like explained above. 

NOTE: The output of all tracks needs to be A 1-2 in order to be heard in the monitors in the studio, and any other outputs desired must be through the sends.
If you don't want to hear the click track in the studio, but want to keep the sound in the headphones, you apply the Prefader to the send window that pops up. A little button at the top of the fader will make this happen. What happens is the pre fader makes the signal precede the main fader and goes to the headphones first. 

Then, create a stereo Auxiliary track for the Reverb. Put a Reverb insert on the track. Then make the input of the track BUS 1-2.  On anything meant to have reverb on it, BUS 1-2 should be selected in the sends. Apply the Prefader to bypass the reverb without affecting it in the headphones. 


I am pretty upset that I missed class last night. I'm upset that I have to miss the lab on top of the missed class. I am grateful, however, that Drew understands. I can't deal with my own disappointment let alone his. Anyway, I am nervous about all the boys seeing the play tonight. I forgot about how completely taboo the things I talk about are. Ugh. 

I'm proud to say that my groups 3 songs just got finished last night as well :) Yay!

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