Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Zoom or Not to Zoom?

The ability to zoom in and out on a picture, video surveillance camera, PDF file, archived newspaper articles in the library, Google Maps street view, or even just on your computer screen with the nifty Ctrl Scroll trick is a great thing these days. Makes life a lot easier.

Unless ProTools decides to automatically zoom in on your audio track and scare the shit out of you as you look upon a fat block of audio. Let me just say that I was pretty upset as I sat in the lab last Thursday for about an hour and a half trying to fix my levels and kept seeing this and hearing absolutely nothing...

<------------------ Absolute Poppycock.

So, class comes on Monday and we all go through all of our recordings (that were all outstanding by the way! Shout out to Power Rangers shredder, Porn Star Singer, and Carmel Gangster) and we come to mine and I am crossing my fingers that its not something I did.

He clicked a damn button in the top left hand side of the screen and BOOM. The audio goes from retarded block of bologna to a simple, quiet waveform of my voice. Oh man, I was pretty pissed that neither I, nor anyone else could figure this out since Thursday :(


Yeah, you heard me.

Oh wow, Drew just emailed me with encouraging words about my Capstone paper I kind of broke down thinking about yesterday and earlier today and it feels really nice to get approval every now and again :) Even more motivation to do better! Kind of like my string arrangement of Moon River!

Back to my notes: Getting ready for a big QUIZ/ASSESSMENT on Wednesday.
Must be able to touch on.....

  • Starting up ProTools
  • Recording Audio with a microphone
  • Creating a new track 
OMG, that's what I wanted to talk about! I made a mental note to say in my blog that Shift  N not only makes a new track in ProTools, it also makes a new folder on your Mac Desktop!!!!! Who'd have thunk?
  • Clearing vs. Deleting tracks
  • Piano Plugins Insert
  • Bussing Audio
  • Creating an Instrument track
  • Step input quarter notes (C Scale)
  • Chopping Regions -  E
  • Moving Regions
  • Manipulating Regions
  • Smart Tool
  • MIDI Auxiliary Audio Matrix
So, I drew a MIDI Auxiliary Audio Matrix, but I'm not sure I got it quite right.....

Not sure, but at least its pretty :D 

In order to get this going, you have to create a MIDI track, Auxiliary track, and an Audio track. Add in a click track as well because this kind of MIDI recording is set in stone, "you have to commit to it". Set the MIDI track to Mini Grand and you have audio. Auxiliary channels will automatically default to A 1-2 but under Sends > Bus > Bus 1-2 select Bus 1-2. Do the same for Audio track and boom you can record MIDI into audio. Its like Magic. 

So the hours of Lab Operation are the same as business hours.

M-TH 8:15 am - 4:00 pm
F 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 

One of my classmates made a great project and used something called the Telephone Effect which is achieved by making a High Pass Filter and a Low Pass Filter put together with the mid range turned up. The reason this is how the telephone sounds is because that bandwidth is the best for our ears.

Pitch Shifting instruments is a really cool effect apparently and I must try it sometime.
How this is done is through AudioSuite > Pitch Shift > Semitones

FYI - If the key strokes aren't working in ProTools, then you probably don't have the Keystrokes button turned on. Its up in the top right hand of the scroll bar. 

MIDI stands for Mmmmm I Dig It....  Just kidding, Musical Instrument Device Interface!
MIDI doesn't make sound because it is simply a message that the program plays. 

So a MIDI message is 3 different bytes combined. 2 data bytes and 1 status byte. The first byte indicates whether the note is on or off and the channel number (#1 = 0000), the second indicates what note it is (#6 is middle C) and the third indicated the velocity on a scale of 1 to 127. All of this is in binary.

MIDI Tracks are used with Auxiliary tracks to monitor and play back audio that MIDI triggers!


Get more sleep because tired, hungry, and bitchy doesn't look good on me hahah

Drink more water because its good for me and I can tell I'm dehydrated all the time.

CHEW YOUR FOOD, because I'm sick of choking all the time!

I hate that zoom tool because... just because. 

The End
~ Knuckle Head

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